Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hunter FTW!

Having pretty much lost interest in doing dailies on Aurora, and not really interested in questing in Zul 'Drak on my DK, I decided to make a new alt.  I have a lvl 16 ret pally that I had been working on, but got tired of melee DPS.  I have a lvl 24 Mage, but got tired of being so squishy and not having anyone to quest with to either tank with or heal me.

So.. I had created a hunter on Ravenholdt and was having a pretty good time with her, but I missed my friends on Durotan.  So I decided to take on a new alliance hunter on Durotan.  Her name is Kalandra.  I have been working on her pretty much constantly.  I have taken up maybe running the fishing dailies on Aurora just for a little cash, as I am stuck at 427 on my enchanting and don't really NEED any enchants to help lvl it to max.  And that mats are so expensive!  Most of the higher end enchants cost more to make than they sell for on the AH.  And my tailoring was great for when I was lvling because I could make my own gear.. and not to mention that I can make BAGS!

So, I created a hunter.  Kalandra is a night elf beast mastery hunter.  I chose BM because David said it is one of the fastest ways to lvl her.  I have been working on her maybe 3 weeks and she is lvl 28.  I probably could have her higher by now but I get bored just constant questing.  I have been working on primary and secondary professions for her, and her primaries are neck and neck for lvl.  And are both above the zones that I am currently questing in.  I chose Herbing and Alchemy as my two profs.  My alchemy is at the lvl that it requires herbs from lvl 30 zones.  And my herbing is high enough to obtain these herbs.

I almost always enjoy lvling my profs more than my actual character lvls.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Raid Schmaid

So, it's been awhile since my last post here.  Hubby was questioning me about WHY I don't post on my WoW blog, and didn't seem satisfied with the answer that I wrote in my blog about RL instead.

The point is, I kind of lost interest there for a while.  Aurora was maxed out lvl wise, but not so geared that I got invited to raids anymore with the introduction of the TOC 10 and 25 man raids.  The first or second run that we did I was invited in for 10 man.  Now, this was new to the entire group and everyone was just getting a feel for how the fight should go.  It started out ok, but then the kobolds or snobolds or painintheassbolds, or what ever form of bolds they are in that fight.