Saturday, July 25, 2009

An Introduction To The Way I Roll, Yo!

Having only been a WoWhead for about 3 months now, my <3 belongs to my main: Auroradawn of Durotan.

Auroradawn is a human lvl 80 destruction warlock. My favorite spells on this toon are Immolate, Conflagarate, Chaos Bolt, and Incinerate. I also use rain of fire as my main AOE. My professions are tailoring which I am up to lvl 435, and enchanting that is hanging somewhere around 130 as I just started that profession a week ago when I hit lvl 80. We attempted Naxxramas 10-man a week ago and made it through the arachnid quarter and into that other place and called it after wiping on the four horsemen.

In addition to Auroradawn on the Durotan realm I have: Jesckara- lvl 61 Dranei Death Knight unholy spec; Aallina- lvl 35 Night Elf Druid resto spec; Ealiana- lvl 10 Gnome warlock; and my current favorite project Xalixian - Lvl 18 Dranei Mage frost spec. I am currently working on trying to lvl my mage, David just created a priest to lvl with me since I am *squishy*. I am lucky to have a husband who creates complentary characters to accompany my squishies. He created a Nelf druid for Auroradawn's first 30 lvls or so...then switched to a lvl 30ish warrior that he had to tank for me who then lvl'd to 80 with me.

The WoW Widow: An Introduction

I need to start this blog off by saying that World of Warcraft was almost the end of my marriage. But that was 2 years ago. My husband started playing WoW in February of 2007 - referred by one of his friends/ex-girlfriend. So immediately that was a strike against the game. Then the countless hours that he spent playing WoW instead of paying attention to me, well, that was strike two. If all you're interested in is Wow stuff...scroll down to the purple text. For my IRL WoW drama, read on...