Saturday, February 6, 2010


I was flying to Storm Peaks to pick up [Greater Inscription of the Storm] when I got a tell from someone who Sky and I had run a couple of dungeons with way back in the day when we were leveling.  I have a good memory - if I didn't I wouldn't have remembered this person.  I asked Sky if he remembered this person and his response was, "He keeps sending me tells wanting to know if I'm a JC, etc. Wanting stuff."  So, I was polite and said hi and made a little small talk... but I didn't really have any desire to strike up a conversation with someone I haven't spoken to in at least 6 months, and was only a convenience acquaintance at best 6 months ago.  The conversation went down hill quickly:

It makes me wonder about this person that they are so dependent upon my conversation to not just take the ignore as a clue that I don't want to talk to them - so they get on ANOTHER of their toons to tell me to go F--- myself.

So, it got me thinking... how often to we make simple connections with others and they take it as more than that.  Or how often to we become more attached to others who only see us as the same - A person/player to fill a need at the moment?  I have been thinking on this subject more and more over the past month or so.  Sky and I joined a guild.  He was a part of this guild previously but left because of a conflict with the guild leaders and schedules and accountability, etc etc etc.  Long story short - the former leader of the guild and most of the officers left the guild and it was handed over to Nikk- who is a friend of Sky's mostly in game, but who also dated in RL one of Sky's RL BFFs.  So, Sky got in touch with some of the officers over at SD and applied for membership for himself and his army of alts, as well as Aurora (me), his brother Tal, and his sister Rayl. Was also supposed to be for Kobeck too - but Kobeck has school and is happy lording over an empty guild since he doesn't have aspirations to be a raider at present.

The reason behind this explanation is that when I joined WoW I was a part of Sky's guild.  It was just us - family, RL friends, and a few in game friends who parted ways with whatever guild they were with at the time.  The other in game friends were transient and it became just RL family and friends.  Mainly Sky x10, me, Kob's, Tal, Ray.

Joining a REAL guild was a big step for me.  For Sky it was a means to an end.  He's a raider.  The group he was raiding with was no longer meeting his raiding needs, so he wanted something bigger and better.  We now have a guild who runs a raid almost every night.  They have ICC25 man 2 nights, ICC 10 man 2 nights, TOC/Ony gear run 1 or 2 times depending on who needs it, and then also the weekly raid usually on Tuesday nights, and then VoA when we have WG and there are enough people to get a group together.  They also have started doing PvP on Friday nights as it is the only night that isn't a designated raid night.  I have made connections.

True - the connections aren't deep ones.  There are people there to ask to craft things for me, or to buy mats off of, or to run random heroics when I don't feel like waiting on the queue.  Guild connections.  There are a few people who I recognize above others, a few who recognize me as someone other than Sky's wife.  But connections have been made.  That's all.  I know that these people are in a guild with me.  They are people I have a common interest with, who may help me and who I may help.  But I know that they pledge no allegiance to me, I am just another player in the game.  They may talk to me, and recognize me, but when I log out there is no "I soooo miss Aurora!"  or a "Hi!" tell every time I log in.  It's business - the business of fun.