Thursday, September 10, 2009


So...Had an interesting night the other night. Went with our little group (Me, Lanora, Cassiana, Marrus, and Kobeck) to run Heroic Trial of the Champion daily. So, we get in the instance and I'm looking at Kobeck and I'm like "Why are you naked?" Now, this is something that we had done a while ago after the release of 3.2 - ran through it naked just to see if we could. But, I figured I must have missed the memo.

Then I notice that not only is Kobeck naked but our tank, Marrus, as well. So now I'm going WTF? So, I say to hubby (Lanora)... "Why are they naked?" He says, "It's a bug." Apparently there's a bug that makes people naked? Sweet!!! In this case it was our two male humans. So of course I took lots of screen shots. It's amazing how feminine a pally tank looks casting some blessing or another completely naked. Not to mention Kobeck, the all powerful DK. I mean, these guys are normally all decked out in bulky gear and looks ferocious. Not so for this fight.

Here are some screen shots from the fight:

When I first realized they were naked: (best viewed enlarged, look at the chat pane)

Marrus and Cassiana - Husband and wife and two awesome people!

Bless me Puh-lease!!!

My, what a big sword you have!!!

All in all it was a mostly easy fight (as usual) and we had some fun, and I got lots of laughs at naked guys... Coz, you know, I'm like 12 and naked boys! OMG, where!??!!? *giggle*

Anyways just wanted to write about this coz I thought it was humorous. Will bbl to give u some more lolz.

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