Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Expanding My Horizons.

So... It's been a month since my last update, and a LOT has happened! I want to lay out the deets of my alts. Especially since I seem to be collecting them. I not only have added 2 new alts on Durotan since my last update, but 2 new alts on Ravenholdt as well. (More on that later)

The Roster:

Auroradawn~ Human Warlock LvL 80 ~ Destruction

  • Professions: Tailoring 442/ Enchanting 267
  • Hit capped at 14.83%
  • While I didn't hit "Epic" achievement yet, I did manage a "Superior". Good enough for now I guess.
  • Have just kind of hanging out on this character, don't really go on her much unless I am called upon to fill and empty raid spot. I guess have also been running 3-4 Daily Heroics a week on her with my hubby in his various forms, and our good friends Marrus and Cassiana.

Jesckara ~ Dranei Death Knight LvL 70 ~ Unholy

  • Professions: Skinning 434/ Leatherworking 201
  • Have worked on leveling this toon a bit, nothing too exciting just running quest lines in Outlands and have recently headed to Borean Tundra and questing there.

Xalixian ~ Dranei Mage ~ LvL 24
  • Professions: Herbalism 179/ Inscription 143
  • Have leveled this character up slightly since last post, however have somewhat abandoned my mage due to creating additional toons.

Aallina ~ Night Elf Druid ~ LvL 34
  • Professions: Mining 97/ Jewelcrafting 59
  • Nothing changed on this toon, haven't played on her at all since last update.
Ealiana ~ Gnome Warlock ~ LvL 10
  • Professions: Herbalism 73/ Alchemy 65
  • Nothing changed on this toon either, again haven't played on her at all lately
Alinari ~ Dranei Paladin ~ LvL 16
  • Professions: Mining 83/ Jewelcrafting 58
  • Newest addition on Durotan.
  • Created to have as melee DPS, not overly impressed with being in melee range, so have not been leveling this toon much lately.

Onward to Ravenholdt

Recently my good friend Kobeck had two things happen. His sister and nephew moved back home, and school started. Kobeck had decided to give up raiding so he has more time to study and all that stuff that college kids do.
Because of these two changes he made an alt on Ravenholdt, the server on which his sister plays.
Hubby and I followed suit.
To the dark side: The Horde.


Auroradawn of Ravenholdt ~ Blood Elf Hunter ~ LvL 19
  • Professions: Herbalism 53/ Inscription 76
  • O!M!G! Hubby suggested that I roll a hunter, knowing my preference for ranged combat. Best idea ever!

Kalindra of Ravenholdt ~ Blood Elf Death Knight ~ LvL 58
  • Professions: None
  • Created Kalindra as a source of income for Auroradawn in the early stages on this realm. Not sure if I will actually play her or not.

So I think I've covered the updates. See you in Azeroth!!!!

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